Delphi and Mount Parnassos, certainly offer great possibilities for joyful adventure and discovery for those who seek the harmony of natural environment of the mountain and the myths of ancient Greece.There are a lot of remarkable mountainous beauties, wonderful beaches and monuments in this area. Enrich your stay in this camping and make it unforgettable by visiting one of the following worth seeing historical places:

  • The Byzantine Monastery of Ossios Loukas. Follow the road to Athens. 6 Kms after the town of Arachova, turn to the right, through the picturesque town of Distomo. Within some minutes from there, you will reach the Byzantine Monastery of Ossios Loukas (10th century) with very significant mosaics and striking scenery.
  • The Monastery of Prophet Elias: Follow the road to Itea. 3Kms from this camping turn to the right. There is a traffic sign, which leads you to the historical monastery of prophet Elias with the most precious hand-made wooden temple.
  • The Dam of Mornos. Follow, the road to Itea-Galaxidi and 1Km before Galaxidi, turn to the right. Traffic signs lead you to the picturesque town of Lidoriki and the large dam of Mornos with the sunken village of Kallio.
  • One-day tour to Athens:By the morning public bus from this camping, you reach Athens in 2 hours and 30 minutes. You have plenty of time to visit Acropolis, Plaka and stroll around the city. Return to Delphi by the evening bus.
  • Climbing on Mount Parnassos : For adventures visitors, a path from Delphi leads up to the mountain , in a serene firtreesurrounding. It is only One-hour walk to enjoy a unique countryside landscape and a promenade with distinguihed surprises.\
  • Delphi - Kirra - Itea (15 Kms): Follow the path through the inspiring dive grove and get down to the coastline. Beautiful sunny beaches, crystal clear waters and summer water sports are choices for any athletic holidaymaker.
  • Delphi -Galaxidi (35kms): Following the coastal road to Nafpaktos, at a distance of 35 Kms from the camping, one reaches the picturesque area of Galaxidi with the old harbour, and wonderful sandy beaches. An island style, traditional town with a naval museum and the historical church of saint Nikolas. Swimming in crystal waters is a great enjoyment!
  • The Korikion Andron cave. An impressive, huge cave on the eastern slope of Mount Parnassos.
    A mythological place of nymphs and satires. Recent excavations revealed that God Apollo was worshiped there in ancient Greek times.

We wish you a very pleasant stay here.





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